Lean Improvement Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship


The LEAN IMPROVEMENT TECHNICIAN STANDARD programmes were created by industry for industry as a means to combat the growing productivity issues the UK economy is facing. 


During the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017 a number of large organisations throughout the UK came together to create a Lean programme they felt would develop the skills that their staff needed to improve efficiency and create long term culture change allowing for improved productivity and competitiveness. The outcome of this collaborative effort is the LEAN IMPROVEMENT TECHNICIAN STANDARD, a Lean Programme relevant to all staff across industry.   


Session Aims:

· Apply the principles of the LEAN Six Sigma DMAIC performance improvement model

· Establish the “Voice of the Customer” in defining the required performance standard

· Use different measurement tools and approaches to establish current performance

· Use appropriately several basic analysis tools and techniques to establish the root cause of a problem


Key Lean Methodologies included;

5S                           Kaizen                           Flow Process Analysis                           Problem Solving Techniques


SIPOC                           Basic Statistics                           Communication                           Poke Yoke


Voice of Customer (VOC)                           Standard Operating Procedures                           Sustainability and Control       


Project Management                           Process Capability                           Stakeholder Analysis   


Data Capture Analysis           Project Management                  Process Capability                           Effective Team Working