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A Japanese word for teacher or master. In Lean circles typically referring to an individual who has been led numerous Lean transformations.
Service Family
See Product Family.
See Changeover.
Single Piece Flow
See Continuous Flow.
Spaghetti Diagram
A diagram representing the physical path taken by a product (or service) as it travels through all the steps required to transform a requirement into a deliverable. This can also be used to draw the path walked by those involved in completing the required activities to deliver the product (or service). The diagram derives its name from the way it commonly looks after mapping a process that within a function-based organization because the diagram looks much like a plate of spaghetti.
Anyone who has an interest in a process, typically as supplier, customer or one who actually performs the work.
Standard Work
Documentation of the best known method for completing a task or activity. This becomes the way for everyone working on that process to perform the work. This also becomes the baseline for future work. In the words of Taichii Ohno, "where there is no standard, there can be no kaizen (improvement)."