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See Root Cause Analysis.
The ability of a process to produce the same results (product or service) over repeated cycles.
See Rolled First Pass Yield.
Rolled First Pass Yield (RFPY)
A quality metric for determining the percentage of work going through a series of process steps that is error free. RFPY is the product of the % yield (or %C&A) of all of the process steps. For example, in a three-step process, if the %C & A is 80% at the first step, 75% at the second step, and 90% at the third step, the rolled first pass yield = 80%x75%x90=54%. In this example the 54% RFPY means that only 54% of the things go through the process "complete and accurate on the attempt.
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
A problem-solving approach whereby the underlying cause of a problem is first identified and only then is the corrective action or solution designed. The intent of RCA is to reduce or eliminate recurrence of the same problem. RCA tools include Five Why's, Cause-and-effect Diagrams, Check Lists and Pareto Charts.