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See Metrics Based Process Mapping.
Metrics-based Process Mapping (MBPM)
A visual, micro-level process mapping technique that separates tasks into separate rows based on who the person or functional area is that is performing the tasks. These rows are sometimes referred to as swim lanes. The tasks are depicted in a sequential format such that a time line can be created which depicts total lead time. MBPM process blocks contain at a minimum the: process time, lead time and %C & A for that step. Contrast with traditional Flow Charts.
Mistake Proofing
A device or procedure designed to prevent the generation of defects. The English translations for this Japanese phrase are: poka means "error" and yoke is "to avoid." Also referred to as Poka-yoke.
A Japanese word for waste. See Non-value-adding and Waste.
Multi-functional Workers
trained and qualified to perform a variety of tasks. In a lean operation, the focus is to have workers cross-trained on operations upstream and downstream of their primary work so they can support the Value Stream should problems occur.