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Layout for Flow
The co-location of processes and / or equipment in sequence to permit one-piece flow and the flexible deployment of workers to operate multiple processes (resources). The resources found in cells are often cross-functional in nature. Also referred to as Cells, or Cellular Arrangement. Contrast with Functional Arrangement.
Lead Time (LT)
The amount of time it takes for a product (or service) to go through the system, from the first operation to the final operation, including processing, delays, movement, queues, etc. At a process level, the process lead time begins when the work is received, and ends when the work is delivered to the next downstream customer. Lead Time = Process Time plus Wait Time (or delays). Also referred to as Throughput Time or Turnaround Time.
The philosophy of aggressive continuous improvement based executed through; defining value from the customer's perspective; mapping the value streams; creating flow; working at the pull of the customer; and, pursuit of perfection.
Level Loading
The leveling of quantities and types of products/services produced for the customer. Also referred to as Heijunka or Production Smoothing.
Line Balancing
See Work Balancing
See Lead Time.