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Radical process improvement over a short period of time, innovation. Changes of theses type are often implemented during the course of a Kaizen Event
An improvement philosophy in which continuous incremental improvement occurs over a sustained period of time, creating more value and less waste, resulting in increased speed, lower costs and improved quality. When applied to a business enterprise, it refers to ongoing improvement involving the entire workforce including senior leadership, middle management and frontline workers. Kaizen is also a philosophy that assumes that our way of life (working, social or personal) deserves to be constantly improved.
Kaizen Event
A structured, team-based, problem-solving activity of short duration used to improve processes throughout an organization. Activities typically include: 1) team training, 2) current state analysis 3) future state design 4) prioritization of improvements 5) train on new process, and 6) implementing the selected improvements. Duration is typically one to five days. The event team is focused on the process 100% of time during the event and is cross-functional in composition. Also referred to as Kaizen Blitz and Rapid Improvement Event (RIE).
A type of Pull Production system whereby the downstream process signals the upstream process to replenish what has been consumed. Kanbans typically pull by part number. Kanban means signboard in Japanese. Compare to FIFO Lanes.