Customer Services Qualification NVQ Diploma Level 3

The Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Customer Service is aimed at candidates who will be delivering and managing service and will be accountable in the area of practice. Candidates will be working without direct supervision or on their own, such as in a commercial customer service environment.

The work-based programme is suitable for candidates who:

  • can influence what happens at work
  • use the organisation’s rules and systems flexibly to deliver good service
  • question the way things are done and suggest improvements
  • have good communication skills and a wide knowledge of what to do, who to see and where to go to get things done for the customer
  • are aware of the commercial or other pressures facing the rganisation/business


By the end of the programme, employees will benefit from:

  • A clearer understanding of their responsibility within their organisation
  • The opportunity to develop new skills
  • The recognition of existing skills

Employers will benefit from:

  • Improved staff performance and motivation
  • Improvements in the quality of service to customers
  • The opportunity to ensure levels of service are to national standard

Topics covered

To achieve a full Level 3 NVQ in Customer Service, candidates must achieve 8 units made up of 2 mandatory units and 6 optional units, at least one unit from each theme.

NVQ L3 Mandatory units

  • Understand customer service to improve service delivery
  • Know the rules to follow when developing customer service

NVQ L3 Optional units

Theme: Impression and Image

  • Make customer service personal
  • Go the extra mile in customer service
  • Deal with customers in writing or using ICT
  • Use customer service as a competitive tool
  • Organise the promotion of services or products to customers

Theme: Delivery

  • Deliver customer service on your customer’s premises
  • Recognise diversity when delivering customer service
  • Deliver customer service using service partnerships
  • Organise the delivery of reliable customer service
  • Improve the customer relationship

Theme: Handling Problems

  • Monitor and solve customer service problems
  • Apply risk assessment to customer service
  • Process customer service complaints

Theme: Development and Improvement

  • Work with others to improve customer service
  • Promote continuous improvement in customer service
  • Develop your own and others’ customer service skills
  • Lead a team to improve customer service
  • Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback



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