Introduction to Lean 


Lean refers to the concept of efficiency improvements through the continuous elimination of waste and the increase of Value Added work.


Our Introduction to Lean programme, delivered 100% onsite classroom based, is ideal for introducing the theory of Lean to employees throughout any business and covers what Lean is, why Lean is important, key Lean methodologies and how delegates can assist their organisation with their Lean initiatives.


Our expert trainers have successfully delivered this programme to a growing number of organisations through the UK in a variety of industries. It can be a standalone programme to enhance candidates knowledge of Lean or used as a stepping stone before progression onto a Lean Apprenticeship.


Introduction to Lean 7 Mandatory Units;


1. Safe Team Working        

2. Effective Team Working      

3. (5S) Application of Workplace Organisation (A place for everything and everything in its place)             

4. (Kaizen) Contributing to the Application of Continuous Improvement Techniques

5. Visual Management Systems

6. Problem Solving Techniques (Cause and Effect, Root Cause Analysis, 5Why, Ishikawa etc.)

7. Flow Process Analysis (Value and Non Value added activity




· Shorter programme allows a larger number of employees to attend


· The more employees with an understanding of Lean, the greater the chance of it becoming part of the organisational culture


· Helps to create positive mindsets and culture to better support employment and employability


· This programme allows a flexible, inclusive structure that individuals and employers can utilise to ensure employee training needs are not neglected 


· On successful completion, the delegates receive a nationally recognised qualification