Hoshin Kanri


Hoshin Kanri is a system developed to support Senior Management in their drive for strategic progress.


Hoshin Kanri will allow Senior Managers and business leaders to thoroughly explore Transition Planning and then  Value Streams in order to create a Balanced Score Card    and Line of Sight plan. By implementing       Hoshin Kanri organisations can ensure that   all employees are working in the same   direction to the same long term strategic   goals in their drive for Operational   Excellence.  


Structure of the Course;

Information workshops and briefings, followed by workplace supported examples and mentor/tutorial type sessions. In addition, there will be practical exercises to underline and develop the theory.

· Allow for learners to achieve appropriate differentiated learning outcomes

· Develop functional plans to drive through cultural change

· Brainstorm how this principle could be applied in the workplace

· Group discussions around underpinning knowledge to enhance the learning experience and provide more opportunity to embed

· Open forum for the group to discuss anything related to the training in order to assist their own understanding

· Seek feedback from learners around their experience


Day 1

Introduction to Lean Leadership

Understanding the Lean Enterprise Model

Understanding the Critical Success Factors

Developing current Tactical Plan

Day 2

Understanding and Developing Blue Sky

Day 3

Understanding the core concepts of Transition Plans


Day 4

Developing a Business Transition Plan

Day 5

Understanding Hoshin Kanri

Developing a Hoshin Kanri plan

Day 6

Understanding Value Stream Mapping

Drawing of a Value Stream Map

Day 7

Understanding Line of Sight

Developing Line of Sight

Day 8

Understanding Balanced Scorecard and BOS Charts

Developing BOS Charts and local Hoshin plans